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Our Testimonials

professional testimonials

“My staff have all felt that they learned a lot related to recognizing addictions and have been grateful to Mr. Coates for the information that made that possible.

Mr. Coates is always on-time and well prepared. We have welcomed his presentations because we know he is well informed on his subject matter.”
– American Indian Services, LLC

“I found Mr. Coates to be a well- trained and skilled clinician, who always worked to promote the best interests of his clients. He kept meticulous records of his clinical work, with clear and concise treatment goals listed, as well as progress (and obstacles) towards those goals. He often served as an advocate for his clients as they navigated the sometimes-difficult bureaucracy of a large federal healthcare system.

Dennis always presented himself in a professional manner and his ethics are above reproach. He was well-liked and respected by both his clients and his colleagues and other staff at the Vet Center, relationships that I am sure he continues to enjoy. He was seen as a true team player.”
– Former Colleague 

“I have been consistently impressed by both Dennis’ passion for his work and his performance as a therapist. Dennis is one-of-a kind individual. He possesses strength and is able to easily demonstrate both caring and confrontation for his clients to move them forward in treatment. This program has benefited greatly from his skills.

I have found Dennis to be extremely intelligent and incredibly hard working. He is passionate for the population he is working with. I truly respect Dennis as a social service professional and educator and feel that he would be a tremendous asset to any organization and position.”
– Health Management System of America: Gambling Treatment Program

“Mr. Coates applies himself to every task presented with levelheaded wisdom and a commitment to doing his very best in service to veterans. He has shown a good deal of imitative and careful follow through in setting and meeting goals and objectives.

Mr. Coates’ efforts resulted in many veterans being helped during some of their darkest hours. He has an extraordinary mastery of his chosen field of counseling and interpersonal therapies, exemplifying discretion, organization skills and the highest level of professionalism.

Additionally, Mr. Coates gets along well with a diverse group of people, demonstrating the ability to work well as an accommodating team member and provide excellecnt leadership where needed.

I would highly recommend him as a member of any team!”
– Renowned Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

“ Hi Dennis, Thank you for your presentation today. I gained so much insight and information that will help me understand this population better. Excellent Presentation! “

– Health Management Systems of America Professional Attendee 

“ These types of workshops should be expanded upon and make available to a broader audience. 

Cutting edge, important educator!”

– Health Management Systems of America Professional Attendee 

“ Dennis provides valuable info on problem gambling that was specific yo military personnel- Veterans “

– Health Management Systems of America Professional Attendee 

“Very informational, presenter knowledgeable

– Health Management Systems of America Professional Attendee 

“Keep up the good work!

– Health Management Systems of America Professional Attendee 

“Dennis: On behalf of EB VetConnect Ministry at Second Ebenezer Church we would like to give your special thanks for attending the 2018 Veterans Summit on Saturday, November 17th and making it tremendous success.


We understand that you have many obligations and a busy schedule, and you could have easily been drawn to other places.  But instead you spent your afternoon with us, and that means a lot.


Your caring, dedication, and commitment to the veterans community helped to provide critical information and resources that will impact and changes lives. We look forward to the 2019 Veterans Summit and will include you on our mailing list for other veteran events.


With Deep Appreciation,


– Robert B. Middleton, CO-Ministry Director EB VetConnect 

“Great topic, I gained insight about gambling that I was not aware of… the comparison of the risk that combat veterans were required to take coupled with an atmosphere of gambling was interesting

– Combat Veteran, PTSD, and Gambling Disorder HMSA Provider Service Training Attendee

“The presenter gave some very helpful understanding about Vets and Gambling, the topic was very helpful

– Combat Veteran, PTSD, and Gambling Disorder HMSA Provider Service Training Attendee

“Great information that I had to idea about until now. Thank you for the training.

– Combat Veteran, PTSD, and Gambling Disorder HMSA Provider Service Training Attendee