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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you service non-veteran patients?

Yes! The Hope and Healing Agency is for everyone! We also do individual and family counseling!

Which Insurances do you accept?

We continue to accept new insurance plans frequently! Please see our 'Accepted Insurance Plans' page for a full list of insurance plans accepted through us! 

Do you offer weekend appointments?

Of course! Our office is open 40 hours a week and offers non traditional appointment times, including evenings and weekends. 

“Why do you use the term “patient” instead of client, customer or consumer?

That is a very good question and the answer lies in the root word of those terms.  Client, Customer and Consumer all are related to retail and purchasing goods and services, for instance 1.)  Client: “A customer” 2.)  Customer: “A person who purchases goods or services from another” 3.)  Consumer: One who squanders or wastes”.  The Hope and Healing Agency finds these terms highly offensive-even those they are used by a wide variety of mental health agencies.  The Hope and Healing Agency does not engage in the merchandising of hearts, minds and souls.  The word Patient simply means “One who suffers”.  I believe that the word patient confers a high degree of dignity and respect to the individuals who seek out our care.

What do the initials behind your name stand for?

Master of Arts, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, International Certified Gambling Counselor-Level One.