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The Hope and Healing Agency provides individual counseling for Substance Abuse/Gambling Addiction/Trauma and Stress Related Disorders. We also offer consultation services regarding these issues to mental health facilities, community agencies, Houses of worship, schools, and more.

Expert consultation on Trauma and Addiction Disorders

Consultation Services

    The Hope and Healing Agency, PLLC offers  in service training’s and consultation on gambling disorder, combat trauma/ptsd and other Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders as well as Addictive Disorders (Drugs and Alcohol) to mental health agencies, community agencies, senior living centers, law offices, houses of worship and more. Our fees are reasonable. Call us to discuss your consultation/training needs.


You’re safe yet don’t feel safe

Trauma and Stress Related Disorders

  Your times of trauma may well be over-it may be fifty years ago or just last week-but You still feel, think and act as if those troubled times were ongoing.  You may have insomnia and nightmares when you do sleep.  You may be isolated and avoid people and places you used to enjoy.  You may be nervous and “jumpy”.  You may have a gambling problem.  You may be angry and aggressive, you may take reckless and dangerous risks, you may have thoughts of taking your life or harming others.  Your world may not feel right, you may feel out of place.  TAKE A DEEP BREATH!  You’re not crazy.  The Hope and Healing Agency understands.  We’ve been where you are right now.  Call for an appointment or, if in a crisis please call 1800-273-8255 and, if you’re a veteran, press 1.  1800-273-8255 is not just for veterans.  Anyone can use it 24 hours a day 7 days a week!


Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful

Substance Abuse Counseling

  One is too many and a thousand isn’t enough-does this sound familiar to you?  Is this your daily life?  The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful and you might not realize you have a problem.   Do you tell yourself “But I go to work every day”,” I only drink on special occasions, only to find out those special occasions are any day that ends in “Y”, or “I can stop anytime I want do but you NEVER do?”  The Hope and Healing Agency can help you discover how alcohol and other drugs might be affecting your life, your family, and your job.  We do so without judgment or moralizing.  While abstinence is an important goal for many with alcohol problems, we do not insist on it.  We do believe in a strong self help component.  These are not limited to 12 steps groups but can include church groups, prayer groups, Rational Recovery and others.  Call us and come in for a free consultation.  

It’s NEVER like the commercials, is it”

Gambling Addiction

Painting by Théodore Géricault- “The Women with a Gambling Mania”

  Gambling CAN be an addiction-the technical term is Gambling Disorder.  However, it is important to note that not everyone who gambles has a Gambling Addiction. There are social and recreational gamblers and this message is not for them.  It is critical to note, however, that social and recreational gamblers may develop a gambling disorder.  The Hope and Healing Agency has a deep and abiding interest in helping those who suffer from Gambling Addiction.  Our CEO, Dennis, has been dedicated to studying these issues and helping those afflicted for over twenty one years.  He is an International Certified Gambling Counselor-1.  The Hope and Healing Agency, PLLC, has no position on legalized gambling.  Our only interest in helping those suffer.  We offer help and support without judgment or moralization.  You can call us for a free consultation or make an appointment and come in.  We can help. 

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